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Admire The Beautiful all started a few years ago when my passion for stringing words together really began. I wanted to push myself into channelling my inner motivation, inspiration, and empowerment within mental health. I was stuck in the deepest part of my depression, I was lost and tiresomely trawling the internet to find something to distract me. I tried endlessly to find something I could relate to, this is when my blog was born. A place that understands the struggles of Molly Shepherd because I am her and she is Admire.

Throughout my childhood I hadn’t stuck for one dying passion, I went through different ideas and phases of who I wanted to be on a daily basis. From being a boy named Joe to flying planes and even stumbled on the idea of tattooing, frankly, it never came to mind that I had to actually be able to draw to permanently ink someone’s skin so that one flew out the window quicker than it came in. 

I decided I wanted to write when I was at my lowest point, stuck in a slump of depression and anxiety, it was rapidly taking over my life leaving me lost, confused and numb to my surroundings. The only way I could escape this nightmare was writing about it all, hoping the fact I didn’t sugarcoat any of my demons could possibly inspire (if no one else) myself to create content to improve and discover who on earth I was and where I was going by facing mental health issues face on and occasionally losing the battle.

Following my failed attempt at further education, I left with the idea that I would magically stumble into journalism and become a writer and of course, live happily ever after like all stories generally do (or so I was led to believe.) Unfortunately, I fell into depression, anxiety and loss. So, with a few qualifications, hardly any experience and very little idea of what I could do, I was stuck.

I created Admire The Beautiful as much of a reminder for myself that there is something beautiful surrounding me, but when all you see is darkness its really difficult to notice. I first wanted to share my photography and the beautiful world I’m surrounded by, but my words came flowing out and soon became a blog of depression, anxiety and pain. In a shocking revamp I wanted to express all my daily struggles with a twist of recovery blending into my mess of scoliosis, loss and self-hatred in the hope of inspiration. I’m on a journey to contentment and I intend to take full advantage of every step of the way, I know I will have ‘bad’ days where it feels like I’ve taken a thousand steps back but I have come so far that I’m unable to halt my search. Previously found @ www.admirethebeautiful.co.uk

…And Here you are living despite it all…

Rupi Kaur

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