A Message To My Younger Self

A Message To My Younger Self

I was scrolling through Twitter the other day when I noticed #5YearOldSelfie trending which was started by Young Minds and I was instantly motivated that this hashtag was trending to improve mental health. Seeing the positive comments was incredible and reminded me of writing letters to yourself about who you wanted to be in the future but kind of the opposite direction. Reminding yourself of what awesome things tour 5-year-old self was and probably the assets you still have. You find an old image of yourself and write 3 positive things about yourself to remember when you’re ever feeling down.  Young Minds started this hashtag to help improve mental health and I’m so down with this. To push yourself to focus on the goods you see in yourself. For many people trying to find something “positive” to think about yourself will probably be extremely difficult. Me included.   

For me, I can’t remember being five or even what it felt like not to be a teenager or for a matter of fact what it felt like not to hate myself.  know there’s always me heading straight down the negative route even with something so positive and empowering. The main thing I think that will help in this little experiment is to remember that you are basically badass and have survived this crazy world and should continue to own in every way imaginable. 

Thinking back to me at the young and joyful five-year-old self that I probably was I have thought about the 3 things positive that I would say about myself at that age.  

  1. You are strong  
  2. You are confident  
  3. You are chubby and gorgeous!  

But of course, I have more to tell myself because I’m some crazy perfectionist. I would tell myself that you are strong enough to cope with the world around you and you can come through whatever gets you down, don’t be scared to push yourself and try to achieve anything you dream of. Be brave, be you and be truly powerful.  But not just that I would tell myself to be happy with me, to love myself for every inch of who I am. To remember to tell yourself every day that you can do it so you don’t have to fall down into a slippery slope as you have.  

Thank you, Young Minds, for giving me the opportunity to remember how amazing I was, can and will be.  

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