A Walk In The Life Of Gratitude.

A Walk In The Life Of Gratitude.

Over the past 30 days I’ve been taking part in a challenge, a similar challenge to all the others I’ve tried and failed before, it’s a challenge that pushes my mental health and inspires motivation. For a while, I have forgotten to be thankful or grateful for anything and pretty much-seeing everything in a black mist of hatred. (Mardy teen syndrome possibly stretched into my twenties.)  I thought I’d give this challenge ago because I feel like I need a change and slight alteration in the way I think and look at the things I have around me.

The challenge was created by Elaine Mitchell, an empowerment coach, reiki master, and motivational speaker. Elaine has created the challenge to remind and revitalise other’s gratitude in the world around them and motivate them to think about what they are thankful for every single day realising we have more to be thankful for than what we actually let on. She has also taken part in the challenge and used the facebook group to keep the focus on the challenge and express her own gratitude.

How did I do

Well as you may expect I am no good at keeping going with something every single day and sometimes life got in the way or my motivation lacked and I couldn’t think or even attempt to be thankful and grateful for anything at all. Over the past 30 days, I have jumped on and off the challenge whenever I felt the need to improve, I have lacked in my 10 thankful of the day near enough every day. Although I hated trying to talk about what’s been happening in a positive way because I have a fear that your negatives genuinely piss everyone off, however, I have spoken on the Facebook group and been open about the nightmare I have had trying to be thankful. 

I found the first two weeks of the challenge extremely difficult, the first seven days were more of a memory game for myself. I was finding it difficult to remember to do the challenge every day, I couldn’t get my gratitude into the front of my head or even on the page there just didn’t seem anything to be thankful for. The second week was all about body image and gratitude for yourself, practicing nurture and self-love. The hardest part of the second week was “Day 12 – Reframe your dislikes” which consisted of picking a part of your body that you dislike, write down what you hate about the specific part and look at your reasons without judgment and begin to reframe them with positivity of what they have brought to your life.

For me the best day of the challenge was the “Smile Day“, you had to smile on every hour of the day. At first, it was a little weird because I’d look at the time, look at the computer and smile at it for a good few minutes to others may be a little bit of insanity was the cause. However, the more the day went on the easier I found it to smile more frequently than every hour and I even found myself smiling at everyone I passed and scaring a few people at the gym. But I felt a good 75% better than I normally would with my ordinary mardy outlook.

What did I take out of the challenge?

The challenge really helped me look at the things within my own life and how I’m able to change little things like smiling every hour to improve not only my mood but the mood of others around me. I still find myself listing all the things I’m thankful for throughout the day before I go to sleep.

What I would suggest for you?

Battling with the mental health issues can lead to these types of challenges becoming increasingly hard and I want to help as many people improve and see the little things they should be thankful for even just half of the time and I believe this challenge will help motivate many others in to changing and adding gratitude into their daily life, being able to recognise when they should be thankful for a single moment, positive or not. 

1.) Do Not Beat Yourself Up If You Miss A Day.  I’m so bad for this, I missed one day and ended up having to restart the challenge making it extremely difficult to keep motivated because I pushed myself with a whole lot of pressure to keep perfect and improve by massive margins that could only lead to my downfall which of course is one thing I’m thankful for. I have learned and practiced over the past 30 days.

Try the challenge for yourself and take a step towards gratitude. Find the challenge here 

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