“Are you anorexic?”

“Are you anorexic?”

I’m so sick of the “You’re so tiny”, “How are you insecure when you’re that skinny” and the ocassional “Are you anorexic” bullshit, firstly these statements and questions should never be asked or even stated at all. I get told on a regular basis “why don’t you eat” or “get a McDonald’s down you” and it’s that kinda tiring that people don’t even see a problem with it. Somehow as a society we have made it okay to talk down to a skinny body type because being thin is seen as a model trait something we all aspire to be, meaning we boost a body type by tearing down another as it’s the only thing we can do, apparently. Over the last few years people have fought back from the stereotyping of body shapes/types by proving that bigger body types are beautiful in every sense (I couldn’t agree more) by getting “plus” size models and “real body” campaigns in the media to show us all no matter what we are beautiful (again couldn’t agree more). However on the rise of this amazing realisation I have noticed more and more memes thrown
around regarding the praising of one body type but belittling another for example “Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones” or “real women have curves” this isn’t body positivity and can actually destroy the way someone looks at themselves. I understand that we all have different ideas of beautiful and what we find attractive, that’s okay, but claiming a body type isn’t attractive to anyone is utterly heartbreaking. As a young girl who is very thin, unable to put on weight for a while I compared myself to others and couldn’t see a “woman”. I was a stick, something that wasn’t likeable or wouldn’t be comforting to anybody because I’m nothing but skin and bone. For girls who are thin we are causing harm we aren’t thinking about the damage we are causing because we believe all thin people love themselves as models are thin.

The reason I bring this up after all this time because while working earlier this week , my weight has been mentioned twice. At first I didn’t mind but the second seemed a little rude, I was asked my size in clothing and told they must be tiny, for starters I would never ask a stranger their size in anything and then proceed to make any kind of comment on their response. This may not seem like an effect on any of your days but to me I was starting to feel a little better that I was bigger or had more muscle then simple words such as skinny or must be tiny triggered everything that has ever mentioned about myself and blowed It our so I could see everything I am, every bone that pushes to the surface. It blows…

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