Battling Mental Health and Self isolation

Battling Mental Health and Self isolation

With the current circumstances of COVID-19 mental health will have a massive downfall and people all over the world will be feeling the effects of poor mental health out of worry or self-isolation.  

Unfortunately, I like many other people (I both assume and hope) try at all cost to avoid the negativity of the rest of the world, not because I don’t care about anyone else but because I can’t take any more sadness in my life, I cannot allow my mental health to absorb the sadness that surrounds us every day – because news is in fact just an hour-long depression episode. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could learn and listen to the world around me without falling into a pit of selfishness and overloaded panic that either I’m not doing enough or I’m going to get hurt/ ill in the process and although I think I don’t care between life and death the man in the hooded cloak scares me to the core.  

But this is affecting us all in many different and extremely difficult ways. Personally I’m trying to do as much as I can to keep my mental health at a safe level of concern, I’m keeping busy and laughing insanely to avoid the reality of panic that has sent some of us into toilet paper, tinned goods and pasta indulged buying.  This can be because we are hopelessly trying to build of fort of protection with the likes of Andrex and Heinz as walls. To hide the fact, we are lost in the news of Carona and how fast it has spread across the world. We are panic buying and leaving the most vulnerable to this virus with next to nothing to help them self-isolate.  However, during these times, I have noticed a spike of genuine people who have taken it upon themselves to help neighbours, acquittances and those alike. They have shopped for people more vulnerable they have offered services to kids who are having to stay home to ensure they get as much education as they possibly can get.  This makes me proud, should we be doing more 100% but the way the media have always turned these types of things into the panic of the saying bye to all our relatives as it’s the beginning of the end or the fact we are staring at the next apocalypse.   

We suddenly go into meltdown where its every man for themselves, at least I am prepared for an apocalypse after endlessly binging movies and programs alike. I know Daryl will rescue me.  Unfortunately, I’m over a week of home working life with no opportunity to blow of the steam of my mental health worries and it’s completely utterly destroying the work I have put in place. I’m finding my motivation lacking and my mood falling into a sleepless or oversleeping nightmare.

With self-isolation in high swing mental health issues will arise as we slowly begin the lonely travels of self-isolation, we are stuck in our own thoughts and this can be dangerous. But how we are dealing with this really shows the steps mental health issues have taken. So please during this time, check on your friends, family and partners. Call, skype or text to ensure we all have at least one person to talk to a day. It is hard to be alone.  


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