How Drag Race Inspired MY Fabulous!

How Drag Race Inspired MY Fabulous!

My partner and I have been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race for years and we are utterly obsessed with not only every person on the show but the insane artistry that they produce, they blow our minds. We eat up every challenge they must work through, their guests and the difference they make to people’s lives. We gag on their outfits, wigs and the way they paint and we’re on the edge of our seats at every lip sync for your life.  

Many people see drag as men that wanna throw on a pretty pink dress and mess around in 6-inch heels, they see crappy wigs and hairy chest. But the reality is beauty, long wigs and sparkly dresses. However, there’s so much more creative and artistic flare that goes into their drag persona than just a man in a dress, they are utterly mind-blowing. Its years of dedication and improvement put in to produce their drag selves and openly be who they are. It’s the ‘fish’, ‘genderfuck’, ‘pageant’ ‘camp’ and many other types of drag that relate to each individual. Drag queens throw society norms out of the window and fully embrace their identity, forgetting what society wanted them to be and running headfirst into what they wanted. This inspires me fully, because of the way they embrace who they are despite the people who are waiting to tear them down.  Every season they motivate and encourage a whole group of people to be able to be okay with who they are, to have the strength to come out or be a drag queen or get on stage and do what they have always wanted. Not only are they inspiring over the screen, but they have a section on the show that they give others an opportunity to become part of the drag family, this is not only incredible but insanely emotional.  

The definition of a drag queen is a person who uses drag clothing and makeup to imitate and often exaggerate female gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purpose. In modern times drag queens are associated with gay culture but can be of any gender and sexual identity. It inspires confidence, art and entertainment that many people can’t get their head around. But I have found massive amounts of inspiration from discovering drag queens. While watching RuPaul and including drag queens into my daily life through social media, I have discovered the endless amounts of confidence they have and how they develop this character to help them awaken their selves. Many drag queens have used their drag persona to survive and put their emotional past into its development. Drag queens such as RuPaul brought us drag and gave us the opportunity to see it on our screens in full and amazing beauty. Especially my partner and I who have only become more aware of the drag industry through the likes of RuPaul’s Drag Race.  We have watched all 12 seasons, all-stars and the UK’s and Canada’s drag race fully embracing every second of the catwalk and dreaming of drag con.  

These queens have shown me that I should be proud of who I am, be able to look at myself and feel beautiful. Walk down the street like I’m walking a runway and strut with every step, be proud of what I have achieved, what I have come through and the person I am. I have seen queens grow from one episode to the next and it proves to me that development is key to success and even more so that we consistently improve our crafts. I endeavor to have the attitude of a drag queen and be able to be who I am wholeheartedly without the worry of judgement because I love it. To develop a passion to move forward with, that has taken over your life in a beautiful and mindful way which keeps you grounded every single day. Moving forward and constantly development in confidence, mindfulness and wisdom. Be badass in every sense of the word and mean it. I have learnt a lot from watching drag queens both on the telly and at shows. I have opened my mind to the reality that they go through every single day and see the pain they have struggled through because people aren’t able to understand. I only wish we could all be on a level that we are ok with everyone being who they are.   

Boy do I wish we could take some idea of their confidence and install it into ourselves to encourage kids, parents and the older generation to realise we should be who we want to be and be proud of it, walk down the street in heels and dress without stares, comments and on the odd occasion abuse.  

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