How I have managed my depression

5 Simple things that help to ease my depression  

I find myself exploring mental health in more depth over the last couple of months, I’ve taken time out and reconnected myself with my own coping. To realise how I began to awaken my own depression and ease this into something manageable over a period of difficult months. I know first-hand how facing depression head on in a mind that feels broken is an extremely difficult thing to manage. Often having no idea what to do with ourselves to ease the pain we are currently facing, which can often lead to self-harm, alcohol and drug dependency to manage our feelings. Many of use still must keep going with the weight of mental health issues carried around with us. Draining us mentally, physically and emotional throughout the day.  

I thought this week I would highlight how I eased my depression into something manageable to give me the ability to carry on and avoid toxic solutions to my sadness. I have listed the following because I believe they may not have helped my mental health but they allowed me to avoid my depression in means of giving me the opportunity to manage it once I am in a position that my mental health isn’t as ‘bad.’  

  1.  MUSIC: I absorb myself in sounds deafening my thoughts out of the window with noise cancelling headphones for hours at a time, just to stop my head from spinning by listening to the voice of somebody else. A distraction from sadness to a song that explains it all. I’m the type that listens to sad songs and sings my little heart out to manage my brain exploding with mental health issues.  
  1. HEADING TO THE GYM:  During a difficult day when motivation is at its lowest it’s the hardest place to get myself but somehow when I enter the gym and fade away into the lifting playlist I change and push myself in extreme punishment to get ‘rid’ of the feeling.  I focus my sadness into improve my form, increasing my weight or increasing sets.  
  1. READING: I dive straight into another world, avoiding my own thoughts by listening to the ones of another, coping with the real world by exploring another with chapters at a time and coming to terms with the struggle I have recently being going through.  
  1. WRITE: I suddenly find my brain exploding with something to say its often depressing and sad but I could go on endlessly piecing words together until I feel a tiny bit better, I discuss the world ending, my brain frying with overwork and low amounts of self love. Which is why my blog posts spiral insanely into heavy content when i’m having a bad few days or even hours.
  1. CRY: This sounds so stupid because it’s the thing we are trying to ease but I find if I allow myself to feel every inch of what’s happening on the day, if I relax my shoulders or watch a sad movie I often feel better for ugly crying and I mean ugly puffy eyes, red face snotty noise and whiny voice tears the real deal. The mother of all crys often allow me to capture myself into a period that I’m ok and I feel a fog lighten up allow me to shake off a little part of my depression. 

But then again theres day where none of these work, nothing can bring me out of my sadness and I’m utterly broken by the things around me. On these days I hate myself because I’m sad and I hate myself for hating myself then I sleep or I lash out in the weirdest ways, my head is blurry and overrun with my depression smoke.

When its over and I’m having a period of okayness I remind myself that its okay to be sad, its okay to have a day or a few days or weeks where you want to stay in bed and rest your mind, where you want to cry or feel angry. That its okay not to achieve everything you set out for the day, we’re in a hard time in the world both physically and mentall, we need to be okay with the fact we are not super human there’s only so much shit we can face with a smile.

Love yourself unconditionally, I’m learning just that.

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