New Year – A burning motivation

We’re four days into 2019 and the new year, new me posts are in full force. On ever social media platform with every scroll I lay my eyes on another quote / meme about how we are destined to change ourselves because we have put up a new calendar.

The new year brings a slight but burning motivation in all of us to create a change which is generally something we hate about ourselves. The 01-01 date adds pressure and desire to create year long goals that tend to be along the lines of ‘save more money’, ‘lose weight’, ‘go to the gym more’ or ‘improve others lives’. We push ourselves to diet after over indulging during the festive period using it as a reason to drink, eat and nap (A brilliant way to spend the month of December.) We welcome the new year as a fresh start, a time that everything that has previously happened doesn’t seem to matter any longer. We want to use this start to change our behaviour like never starting an improvement plan on any other day than a Monday because it’s the beginning of the week.

Many of us will fall off the wagon before the second week of January has even begun and in some cases forget what we even wanted to achieve in the first place. Although they’ll be some that it sticks with creating whole other bundle of anxieties and failure. It’s hard to even make continuous small changes never mind a massive one to last 365 days that starts right after a festive period. However, we seem to make them every year, me included and this year is no different I have a list growing everyday with almost unachievable and unrealistic goals that can nowhere near be possible to master within a year. Yet I’m prepared to engulf myself in an almighty overflow of new anxiety at the possibility that I can improve just a little section of myself compared to 2018. Although I’m not looking for the typical ‘New Year, New Me’ type of change, I’m wanting to improve myself physically, emotionally and mentally as the past few years have totally kicked my butt and I want to prove that I still have a little fight left inn me to be able to “adult” effectively without temptation to back out.

Why do we use the new year to inspire change? Is it because the calendar resets and we are so used to the norms that there’s no point in starting in the middle of something? of course it’s brilliant and motivating that we try to think of ways to improve every year to celebrate, but don’t we want to change these things at any other time of the year. Aren’t these burning desire to improve lasting? My 2019 will be constantly improving weather I decide in January or August.

Here are just few of 2019 goals:

  • Go to the gym and up my weight (a clique I Know
  • Learn to love just one part of me
  • Finish and improve from CBT
  • Decide on a career (an impossibility within a year.)

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