Reminder of the Beautiful

Reminder of the Beautiful

Photography is such a popular hobby and as time has gone by it has become a career for many people in the new digital world.
A role that brings pure joy to both the recipients and the photographer because this is one job where it’s passing on memories and cherishing moments. As I scroll through my Facebook page I see not only several freelance photographers but a handful of amateurs popping up showing the beauty they have created with a camera or simply their phone.
For me photography is a way to escape the negativity of everyday life, a way to forget about the doom and gloom that is shoved down our throats and swamped in to our head from every angle every single day. We cannot go a day without some bad news or mood surrounding us. I think it’s inspiring that we can capture a beautiful moment and hold it to look back on. Sending us into happier memories and changing they way we feel.
Admire The Beautiful was created for these moments, to share happier times, contentment and fulfilment in our lives. To highlight the joy that surrounds us and for a second lets us forget about the pain that is absorbing this world. I would like to give a quick reminder that there is some good, beauty and happiness in the world even in our darkest times. The following photos have been taken whilst I was deep in the grasps of depression yet all they show are incredible sights and cherished moments that I can only hope will inspire, highlight the beautiful and remind us what a gorgeous world we can create around ourselves.

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