Strong, Powerful and Inspiring

Strong, Powerful and Inspiring

For international women’s day, I want to share the powerful women who inspire me every single day. I’m surrounded by women who are truly amazing, they kick ass every single day and don’t get any or need any recognition. All women and men are strong, powerful and incredibly beautiful beings that have fought from the moment we set foot on this planet probably till the moment we all get wiped out. Although we are surrounded by pain, devastation, and wars I’m incredibly proud of most of the humans around me.

 Today I have seen women and men come to celebrate all that women are and have overcome throughout history. Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst and Josephine Butler who pathed the way for us women to take a stand into the life we are lucky enough to have now where equality is more likely are being celebrated along with many other truly amazing women who are helping to continue the improvement. I  understand that women have fought for our rights and there’s many more to fight to give us the equal rights we deserve. And I certainly know that we as women deserve to be celebrated and come together without tearing each other down because of jealously, men or competition. We tear each other down on every other day of the year with words like slag, whore and bitch to define someone we probably don’t know anything about.  

I have an abundance of powerful and inspirational women in my life that all need celebrating not just today but every single day. The women I am surrounded by have gone through hardships like everyone else, they have suffered depression, anxiety, and illnesses along with the usual stresses, strains and heartbreak that life throws at you yet they have battled through every single thing while being positive. I have learned how to grow and improve during the worst times I have encountered by watching the women around me.

Happy International Women’s day! Love and lift each other up to achieve every goal and dream you have. Empower one another in incredible ways.

Here’s to strong women,

May we know them

May we be them

May we raise them

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