The difference between routine and lockdown.

The difference between routine and lockdown.

How my routine smashes my mental health issues.  

I have discovered that in times like these we feel trapped and lost in this era! We have become so accustomed to being able to do what we want when we want, that being trapped in the house seems like the worst thing possible to happen to us so we rush into the world of walking and countryside when normally we would sit in front of the telly without an issue. Don’t get me wrong being coped up with the same four walls surrounding me and the insane personalities blossoming within them has really tested of how much I want to listen to the government guidelines of staying indoors – never mind having a birthday squashed within them.  

And for sure my mental health has both risen and fallen in times like these. I have clensed my mental health with hours of refreshing moments of social connections and endless hours of relighting the life of a dusty Nintendo Wii marathon. That has grown and developed my relationships with both the love of my life and my family. We have tried to keep our entertainment away from the fridge and introduced board games, drinking games and darts tournaments into our new isolation lives.  

Please forgive me for saying living with others can be tiresome, irritating and a tad boring. Never mind energies lacking and intertwining 24 hours a day with no escape of work or gym to raise my mental health into a socially acceptable range. So fighting to keep at a sane level is tiresome at best and I am not embarrassed to say that I haven’t been achieving this to any great end, I have lacked in smiles and laughs and dived into tired silence. Of course, this is something we can all understanding after hours of endless pottering around the house missing people or wishing we had a hideaway from the kids or in my case everyone.  

I know this is a must to improve our wellness and battle this virus. I understand that it’s something we must all keep going with to eventually be able to go to the pub, see our friends and family. Come within 2 metres of each other without having the fear of catching something. Although I imagine many of us will be scared of the outside before we can go back into the world, scared of illness, of open spaces and people. We are staying home for our own protection, our elderly, relatives, and the amazing work of keyworkers that have and always will do an amazing job to improve and maintain our lives.  

However, I have previously done everything I can to keep myself within a strict routine especially throughout the week to ensure my mood is steady and productive. To keep me on a track on contentment and motivation to improve. This was only achieved through the amount of time I have dedicated to different priorities within my life, for example, my work and fitness took over most of my improvement in factors of my mental health which have both taken hits within this time and proved to me that having this stability of work, fitness, relationships and personal development are key in keeping my mental health improving. Once we have battled COVID-19 I focus entirely on keeping my mental health improving alongside my physical fitness – I will increase weight training and manage my mental health with writing, reading and regular social interaction. I will help wherever I can to not only increase my social interaction but my community understanding.  

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