Book Review: She’s not there

Book Review: She’s not there

I’m currently reading ‘She’s not there’ by Joy Fielding. I have never read anything by Joy before and wouldn’t normally pick up a book like this because of the text size which sadly turned possibly a really interesting read into something that I avoided. Joy Fielding is a novelist and actress from Canada who is an international bestselling author. I envisioned this being an extremely difficult book to read and it would take me weeks and weeks to finish. However, when I got to this book I really enjoyed the captivity of the story Joy presents. I’m giving this book 4 stars because of the way each chapter explains the story from two different timelines and we experience everything Caroline goes through during the loss of her daughter and the aftermath of the phone call that could change her life.

She’s Not There – Joy Fielding

I received this in my second #aboxofstories box and put it to the bottom of my tbr (to be read) pile because I thought it wasn’t really my style and a book I tried to avoid. Unfortunately, it didn’t spark my book worms curiosity to know what was happening between the covers. However, since opening the book I have loved every word and read it within a few days. Although aspects of the book sparked my mind to a real-life story that hit the world, I was gripped by the past versus present storytelling. To follow Caroline (the main character) through her life in both present and past to feel every aspect of her life as painfully as she had.

The way we are made to feel the loss and envision the future she could possibly have if it turns out to be true! I don’t really know how to begin explaining how the story made its way through the pages. I convinced myself that I wasn’t going to be happy with the ending halfway through the book as I believed it would end abruptly leaving me asking so many questions and feeling a little deflated with the story but as I flicked through the pages my head got closer and closer to the book begging myself to read till the end. I was pulled and utterly emotional with the twists and tales of ‘She’s not there’ by the last page of the book.

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