A tale of a scared girl

A tale of a scared girl

Smoke coming out of my mouth as I wheeze and stumble through the thorns.

 “I can’t run no more” I mutter with my hands on my knees and my head bowing down to the floor. Sweat and tears run down my face into the swamp-like mud below, I can see the night chill taking over the earth below me in specs of ice and frost as I stop to get my breath and let my thoughts catch up with me.

But a crack of a branch underfoot sets me off again, I don’t even turn to make sure they’re still in pursuit. I head further into the trees weaving between branches that I can only see when the moon shines directly on them. Everything else has been swallowed by the 2:30 darkness and all I can dream of is why I stayed for that extra drink after the show. The silence becomes eerie as panic pulses through every part of me, it almost echo’s through my head taking me back to the silence of when I finally told everybody and was disowned.

I know he’s there, he followed me out of the club and left me no choice but to abandon my heels and head for the trees in my half drunken attempt at escape. My feet now black and swollen from the forest floor. I know he followed me, he’d been staring at me all night and when I went to leave, he was a step behind me. Who is he? Why is it this time when I’m alone? It was stupid of me to come out here, I know what these streets are like for girls like me, but I needed to get away from the crowd just for a minute. Just as I think it is in my mind, I hear him talking like it’s a game like I owe him to stop and let him grab me.  Now I am scared for my life, mascara streaming down my face, my fishnet tights ripped almost off, and my wig smothered in leaves, twigs and mud. I try to hide and give myself time to make a run for it back towards the club but I can hear my breath and the thudding of my heart as the dark absorbs everything in front of me.

My whole body shaking, blinded by tears I trip over a fallen branch covered in bright green moss that almost glowed in the night. I fell to the floor headfirst into the mud, losing a nail as I scramble to my feet in a half-hearted attempt to make a run, his shadow just inches away from me and my life flashing before me. I can run no more, I am breathless and lightheaded my adrenaline has faded, and my feet can’t take the strain. I try to scream for help, but my voice is silent. I’m backing up searching for anything I can use as a weapon in a last chance to protect myself, never taking my eyes of his shadow and like falling asleep it all went blank and my incredible proud life flashed before my eyes.

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